Sunglo 16-G

Sunglo 16-G

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Sunglo 16-G
Complete, Ground Feed
50lb bag
Protein: 16%
Fat: 5%
Lysine: 1%
Form: Meal

What type of pig does Sunglo 16-G work well on?

16-G works well on show pigs that need to grow yet maintain the amount of muscle and body condition that they have today. If you like where your animal is, and genetically you know they're going to keep what they have from a muscle and flesh standpoint, 16-G is a great option. 

How does Sunglo 16-G compare to other feeds within the Sunglo lineup? 

You won't ever get your pig too far one way or the other in terms of muscle or fat with this 16-G. It's a great choice when you just want to stay where you are and are comfortable with how your pig looks. If you're looking to slow way down, when muscle has out-paced skeleton, check out Sunglo Coast. If you need to soften and add body, check out Sunglo Smooth. If you need to bolster muscle, check out 18-G. If you're wanting to add bloom and muscle check out 800/803. 

How much Sunglo 16-G do I need to feed and when should I start?

Many feeders have found success starting their new projects on 16-G if they are comfortable with what they have from a muscle standpoint. We recommend starting with approximately 3-4 lbs. per head per day from 75 lbs. on and then increasing from there based on growth rate and consumption. 16-G can be fed at any time in the feeding phase.