Sunglo Gilt Developer

Sunglo Gilt Developer

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Sunglo Gilt Developer
Complete, Ground Feed
50lb bag
Protein: 17%
Fat: 6%
Lysine: 1%
Form: Meal

What type of pig does Sunglo Gilt Developer work well on?

Contrary to its name, Gilt Developer is NOT only for gilts, as it can be utilized on market hogs as well. Any pig that you are looking to slightly soften and enhance rib while still maintaining muscle shape is a good candidate for Gilt Developer, or also known as Show Gilt in some regions.  If you need to soften more and add body, check out Sunglo Smooth. If you need to maintain muscle, check out 16-G. If you're wanting to bolster muscle, check out 18-G. If you're wanting to add bloom and muscle, check out 800/803.

How does Sunglo Gilt Developer compare to other feeds in the Sunglo lineup? 

Gilt Developer is the only 17% ground feed option in our lineup. It also has extra fat compared to 16-G and 18-G for enhanced bloom and cover. 

How much Sunglo Gilt Developer do I feed and when should I start?

Gilt Developer can be fed like the rest of our lineup in terms of overall consumption. On younger pigs we recommend starting approximately 3-4 lbs. per head per day from 75 lbs. on and then increasing from there based on growth rate and consumption. Gilt Developer can be fed at any time in the feeding phase.