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Sunglo 803
Pig Starter Feed
50lb bag
Protein: 19%
Fat: 5.50%
Lysine: 1.40%
800 and 803 are the exact same diet, 803 just happens to be medicated

What type of pig does Sunglo Pig Starter 800/803 work well on? 

Starter 800/803 is a versatile, premium show feed that can be utilized as a great option to maximize bloom on baby pigs after you've fed Sunglo Starter. This is a great option as you're getting pigs ready to sell. 800/803 can also work well at any time in the feeding phase when extra bloom and shape is needed such as during jackpot season or during the last couple weeks as you're maximize the genetic potential of your animal. 

How does Sunglo Pig Starter 800/803 compare to other feeds in the Sunglo lineup? 

Starter 800/803 is a dual-purpose feed that can be fed to either babies as sale prep or to maximize bloom whenever it is needed at any time in the feeding phase. 800/803 is highly fortified with premium animal proteins for extra nutritional punch and bloom.  If you're looking to slow way down, when muscle has out-paced skeleton, check out Sunglo Coast. If you need to soften and add body, check out Sunglo Smooth. If you need to maintain muscle, check out 16-G. If you're wanting to bolster muscle, check out 18-G. 

How much Sunglo Pig Starter 800/803 do I feed and when should I start? 

For baby pigs that you're looking to sell, we recommend starting at around 2-3 lbs. per head per day. Amount consumed will depend on how big the pigs are and their nutritional needs. When jackpotting, don't be afraid to blend in a pound or two of this feed into your normal ration, or feed as the sole ration when extra maturity is needed. The last couple of weeks, you may be feeding up to 6 lbs. per head per day as you reach your target show. 800/803 can be fed at any time in the feeding phase when you're looking to maximize bloom and muscle shape. Some feeders have found success feeding 800/803 alongside Sunglo Smooth for extra bulk and body.