Sunglo PreStarter

Sunglo PreStarter

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Sunglo Prestarter
50lb bag
Protein: 25%
Fat: 6%
Lysine: 1.70%
Medication: Mecadox

What type of pig does Sunglo PreStarter work well on? 

PreStarter works well on any baby show pig that you're looking to sell, show, or feed out. PreStarter is a critical component to getting your valuable show pigs off to a great start. This is not a step to skip in the feeding phase if you're looking to maximize their genetic potential. 

How does PreStarter compare to others in the industry? 

PreStarter has been touted as the industry standard due to Sunglo's history of producing high quality feeds that are research driven and show ring confirmed. Thousands and thousands of baby pigs have gotten off to a great start on Sunglo PreStarter.

How much PreStarter do I need to feed?

As a general rule of thumb PreStarter is fed from when pigs hit 10 - 25 lbs. We recommend starting PreStarter while the babies are still on the sow by throwing on a mat or in a small creep feeder. Some breeders begin to introduce when babies are approximately 1 week old in the crate and fed until approximately 1/2 to 1 full bag per litter is used, depending on the size of the litter. By this time, the babies have been weaned approximately 5-10 days and it's time for the next step in the program, which is Sunglo Starter.