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Sunglo Coast
Balanced, Complete Ground Feed
50lb bag

Protein: 14%
Fat: 5.50%
Lysine: .86%
Form: Meal

What type of pig does Sunglo Coast work well on? 

Coast was a first to market show feed that focuses on the need of show pigs that have begun to grow or develop muscle at too rapid of a pace, and their skeletons just were not keeping up. Pigs that are too wide and too out there have unique nutritional needs to help keep them in bounds from a base-width perspective. Essentially if your pig is too wide, and has too much muscle, he needs Coast. 

How does Sunglo Coast compare to other feeds within the Sunglo lineup? 

Coast has the lowest amount of lysine of any of the feeds in our lineup. Lysine, which is an essential amino acid, is critical for a show pig's development and muscle. When we lower lysine, essentially, we are slowing down muscle growth. If you need to soften and add body, check out Sunglo Smooth. If you need to maintain muscle, check out 16-G. If you're wanting to bolster muscle, check out 18-G. If you're wanting to add bloom and muscle, check out 800/803. 

How much Sunglo Coast do I feed and when should I start? 

Coast can be fed like the rest of our lineup in terms of overall consumption. On younger pigs we recommend starting approximately 3-4 lbs. per head per day from 75 lbs. on and then increasing from there based on growth rate and consumption. Coast can be fed at any time in the feeding phase.