Sunglo Show Cattle 12T

Sunglo Show Cattle 12T

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12% protein, textured, premium show cattle feed designed to be fed to growing and finishing cattle
Protein: 12%
Fat: 3%
Fiber: 15%
Form: Textured

What type of calf does Sunglo Show Cattle 12T work well on? 

Show Cattle 12T, or affectionally known as "12T", works well on virtually any calf in any phase of its show career. Cattle that need a good, basic diet that helps keep them growing and on feed are excellent candidates for this feed. Much success has been achieved by early adopters who have found this feed to be a tremendous addition to the Sunglo cattle feed lineup. 

How does Sunglo Show Cattle 12T compare to other feeds in the Sunglo lineup? 

12T is different from the other products in the Sunglo lineup due to its higher level of cottonseed hulls as well as it is a "dryer" formula with lower sugar inclusion as it has less molasses compared to our other feeds. This was done on purpose, as the industry has gone back to making cattle that are easier fleshing, we felt that a good, basic, easy to feed type of a feed that's formulated with all the Sunglo technologies was needed. 

How much Sunglo Show Cattle 12T do I feed and when should I start? 

S12T should be fed at no more than 2.5-3% of your calf's bodyweight per head per day. Every animal will respond differently, but that's a good rule of thumb. 12T can be fed at any time in the feeding phase.